Vineyards like no other

Located in the very heart of the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, designated World Heritage site by UNESCO, Villa Lavaux is your perfect destination for discovering the magnificent wines of the canton of Vaud.

The balance of nature and human ingenuity achieves a rare beauty in Lavaux. The area’s extraordinary vineyards hug the hillsides between Lausanne and the Château de Chillon, just south of Montreux. They originated in the 12th century when Cistercian monks began to grow vines on the steep terraces rising abruptly from the lakeshore.

Wines for your enjoyment

Disciminating wine aficionados in Switzerland and around the world especially appreciate the 8 appellations of Lavaux wines because they are grown in harmony with the natural environment and in compliance with stringent quality standards.

The chasselas is Lavaux’s signature grape. It grows on the steep and rocky hillsides and produces a white wine that is light and brightly flavored.

In Lavaux the grapes are said to be warmed by three suns. There is the sun itself. There is the sunlight reflected off the sparkling lake. And there is the sunlight absorbed by the ancient stone walls. Lavaux’s predominant red wines, the delicate pinot noir and the robust gamay, also pay tribute to the favorable conditions of climate and soil.                 

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